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Cappadocia Camel Ride and Safari Tour

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Cappadocia Camel Ride and Safari Tour Details

Cappadocia is one of the regions visited frequently by local and foreign tourists with its unique nature and impressive atmosphere. In addition to numerous fairy chimneys, beautiful valleys, underground cities, historical cave houses, fragrant orchards, and canyons, it also offers many activities for adventure lovers. One of them is the camel tour. In our tour, you can find detailed information about the content and prices of the Cappadocia camel ride tour, which has been one of the most preferred activities in recent years.

Cappadocia camel ride tour attracts great attention mostly at sunset and sunrise hours. The reason for this is that the valleys in Cappadocia get an exotic atmosphere at these times. Hundreds of shades of red are reflected in the valleys and fairy chimneys and have an extraordinary view. You will feel like you are going on a mystical journey on a camel while watching such a view. One of the issues that those who want to experience such an impressive adventure are curious about is the prices of Cappadocia camel ride tours.

The Cappadocia camel ride tour is carried out with docile and experienced camels in camel farms in the region. The camels, which are raised specifically for tours, can be easily controlled. Tour guides help those who join the tour for the first time by controlling the camel.  Other farms do camel tours in the region, but we prefer to work with professional farms that work with healthy and visually smoother camels.

How Cappadocia camel ride tours are operated?

Those who have a camel tour reservation are taken from their hotels for the sunrise, sunset, or daytime tour and brought to camel farms, the starting point, where brief information is provided. After the information, we set off by riding camels. There will be given breaks at the viewpoints and information is given about the regions by expert guides.

Cappadocia Camel Tour route includes the Red Valley, Rose Valley, Zindanonu Rocks, and Meskendir Valley. These valleys can be seen on camel hump quite safely. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale and will have a nostalgic journey in the camel caravan, passing through uniquely beautiful valleys, between fairy chimneys and areas where historical buildings are located.

Please note;

  • Above prices are given per person for a camel.
  • The weight of 2 persons should not be more than 140 kg for a camel

What’s included?

  • Return Transfers
  • Guidance
  • Necessary Equipments
  • Insurance

During the Cappadocia camel ride and safari tour, you can also forward your photo shooting requests to our company. Professional shooting fee is not included in the Cappadocia Camel Tour prices. But it is worth having extraordinary photographs while traveling with the camel caravan, which is in harmony with the unique nature of Cappadocia. Photo shootings are usually made in the sunset hours due to the amazingly beautiful views. You can make a special place in your holiday album by immortalizing this impressive trip. For your professional shooting request please

This activity is not suitable for; Pregnant women, People with back problems, People with mobility impairments, Wheelchair users, People with recent surgeries, People over 309 lbs (140 kg).

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